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Stress Management
Stress Management
Stress Management

“From the viewpoint of modern medicine, the principle action of Acupuncture is to regulate the function of the human body and to increase its resistance by enhancing the immune system.” World Health Organisation

Stress produces numerous symptoms which vary according to persons, situations, and severity. These can include physical and emotional health decline. According to the St. Louis Psychologists, the process of stress management is one of the keys to a happy and successful life in modern society. Although life provides numerous demands that can prove difficult to handle, stress management is the best way to manage anxiety and maintain overall wellness.

Unless a man asks, "Will this help? Will that help?"I know not how to help him.- Confucius


'I first met Joan in Oct 14, previous to this I had tried various other ways
to deal my symptoms of stress and anxiety with little or no signs of
improvement. As with all the other options I had tried I went with an open
mind but with little hope of escaping what seemed like a way of life which
was holding me back in both my personal and working life.
From my first meeting with Joan I sensed some hope and was optimistic for
what I could gain from this experience. Joan was very professional and made
me feel at ease right from the start, I felt a sense of connection and
that for the first time someone actually understood how I felt and could
see how this was holding me back.
Joan taught me how to relax and to see that there was light at the end of
the tunnel. She challenged me at times to take ownership of how I dealt
with things in my mind and that I had the power to overcome and deal with
these challenges in my life. Since my first meeting with Joan my life has
changed around and I am now facing challenges that I have spent years
procrastinating about, I now fell that I have my Life back. I can not speak
highly enough of Joan and the professional way in which she carries out
Her work. I will continue to use acupuncture proactively in the future.
Thanks Joan for all the Help you have given me'. Stephen

The Acupuncture,Homeopathy and Stress Management clinic is located by the sea in Greystones within easy reach of Bray, Dublin and Wicklow by road and rail via the N11 motorway and the Dart.

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