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Testimonials. rockslingI first met Joan in 2013, when seeking help with regulating my cycles and general stress management. Joan provides so much more than accupuncture, she works holistically, provides a sounding board, practical advice and an objective sensible perspective. Through her sessions Joan has helped suport my physical and emotional well being through the highs and lows. Travelling from conception, pregnancy, birth and recovery to supporting me through sudden bereavement, grief and out the other side. Does accupuncture work? I believe it does, it has for me and moreover Joan works hard to support you in achieving whatever it is that you need at any given time.

To give a personal example of the efficacy of Joan’s treatment.... In late 2016 my brother was diagnosed with end stage cancer and sadly passed away less than two months later. I had been attending sessions with Joan quite regularly, but increased the frequency of sessions in an attempt to look after myself which was very difficult in the circumstances. I continued regular sessions and in Jan 2017 although grieving, underweight, still in shock, trying to recover from and come to terms with the bereavement, I discovered I was pregnant with baby #2! My GP said it was amazing - I said it was acupuncture. B (2017).

Joan is a wonderfully warm and positive person with incredible intuition and ability. I visited her initially for a stiff sore shoulder in 2008 and in the 8 years that I have been coming to her for acupuncture, I have come away each time feeling re-energised, optimistic, relaxed, feeling like the best version of myself. Joan has gently guided me through my life events( marriage, moving, babies, miscarriage, turning forty, parenting) with professional, creative and hugely practical ideas along with the most gentle acupuncture. If you are considering acupuncture yourself i would so recommend this amazing and talented woman. Rachel ( 2016).

I first met Joan in Oct 20 14, previous to this I had tried various other ways
to deal my symptoms of stress and anxiety with little or no signs of
improvement. As with all the other options I had tried I went with an open
mind but with little hope of escaping what seemed like a way of life which
was holding me back in both my personal and working life.
From my first meeting with Joan I sensed some hope and was optimistic for
what I could gain from this experience. Joan was very professional and made
me feel at ease right from the start, I felt a sense of connection and
that for the first time someone actually understood how I felt and could
see how this was holding me back. Joan taught me how to relax and to see that there was light at the end of
the tunnel. She challenged me at times to take ownership of how I dealt
with things in my mind and that I had the power to overcome and deal with
these challenges in my life. Since my first meeting with Joan my life has
changed around and I am now facing challenges that I have spent years
procrastinating about, I now fell that I have my Life back. I can not speak
highly enough of Joan and the professional way in which she carries out
Her work. I will continue to use acupuncture proactively in the future.
Thanks Joan for all the Help you have given me. Stephen (2015)

Not only does Joan have a wealth of experience in the field of traditional Chinese medicine and is an excellent acupuncturist, she is also very astute and intuitive in her work. From the first moment I met Joan I felt at ease as if I was speaking to a dear friend or trusted family member. I have always found her to be accommodating, professional, nurturing and very understanding. We also had plenty of laughs all the way! When I was suffering with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, acupuncture with Joan really helped to reduce the pain I felt and increase my energy levels however it was a comment she made about my job and not using all my gifts, talents and skills that really changed my life forever. As I said she is very astute and intuitive! I felt heard and that is so important to anyone dealing with chronic illness. Joan I am forever grateful for the part you played in my recovery and I am happy to recommend you as an acupuncturist, homeopath and healer. - Nancy (2016)

Joan is one in a million and I am so lucky that she entered our lives eight
years ago. She is highly qualified, experienced, kind, giving and
thorough. I went to Joan 8 years ago when conventional medicine turned me
away as a no hope of ever conceiving!. We had tried everything, gone to
specialists with the last IVF Specialist telling me to go and speak to a
Counsellor as I would never concieve. Well Joan proved them wrong on two
counts. She set a plan for both myself and my husband, we would both see
her reguarly. She helped us with our diet, with everthing that would help
us. I got pregnant twice under her gentle care! She has great patience,
takes great care with every aspect of your care and is always there for
you. Myself and my husband are still going to Joan. I would highly
recommend her without hesitation. Yvonne( 2014)

I was recommended Joan by a friend of mine when I was approximately 20 weeks pregnant. My form was low, I wasn't sleeping great and felt a bit rotten overall. My back and pelvis were also giving me alot of pain and discomfort. Felt it was more than just being pregnant. I heard acupuncture was good but hated needles, however, I wanted to be at my best for baby so decided to give it a try. I started with Joan around week 26. The difference with Joan compared to others, is she gives you all the time in the world, and that's not just on your first appointment. She is very passionate on what she does and is very committed to finding out the root of the problem. After a dramatic emergency section followed by general anesthetic on my first pregnancy, I was very anxious for my second labour. Now at 36 weeks I feel so confident, empowered and in control of what is ahead of me. Health wise I feel great. Every week Joan would check areas like my digestive, kidneys, bowel and well being. It has shown me if you do the work it pays off. As for the needles, they were totally fine. We also did cupping on my back which I felt was very beneficial.I would highly recommend Joan as I felt the last 10 weeks have made this pregnancy a very positive and memorable one. Gemma 2014

I began seeing Joan last summer at 16 years old. Acupuncture had been my very last resort due to my fear of needles and I was sceptical regarding this form of medicine. After counselling and doctors appointments had not helped with my anxiety, I made the decision to give acupuncture a try. Right from the very first appointment, Joan made m e feel safe and calm. The needles were certainly not what I expected and I released I had nothing to be nervous about. I started to understand what was going on in my head. I was taught about my mental health issue; about what anxiety was and how to cope with it. Joan gave me the tools I needed to help deal with my every day anxiety. I went from being too scared to leave my house without panicking or being in a constant state of anxiety to travelling to America, touring Europe with my friends, (bye bye fear of planes!), performing on stage, re-discovering hobbies and talents I had let go due to fear and becoming a much happier, healthier and confident person. Meeting Joan and having acupuncture has without a doubt been a life changing experience. I can whole heartedly say that my outlook on life has changed dramatically since I started acupuncture with Joan. I no longer think of myself as a weak person. Joan has helped me find my inner strength and taught me how to live again. I realise that acupuncture wouldn't usually be someone of my age's first choice for dealing with the many issues teenagers have to deal with weather it be anxiety, depression or stress (to name a few), but considering how much I learned (and am still learning) from it, I think it would be extremely beneficial to many young people. I now look forward to my acupuncture appointments like a trip to the spa; a re-charge of energy,my weekly boost of happiness. I honestly believe that acupuncture will strengthen even the weakest person. - Aoife (2014)

I really can’t thank Joan enough for getting me through the last few years.
I first met Joan in 2006 when I had been struggling with the 3,679 different
symptoms of the menopause (ok, slight exaggeration) for a couple of years and
had just been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I remember bursting into tears when
I heard this kind voice saying “don’t worry we’ll get this sorted”. She had to treat
me sitting in a chair as there was no chance of my endeavouring to get up on her ‘table’ – so we both knew it was not going to be a quick fix.
I had been suffering from fibromyalgia (undiagnosed) for a few years, so it really
had a grip on me when I first started the acupuncture sessions with Joan and it
did take a while to improve, especially as this was alongside all my menopausal symptoms.
On my part, I think I have been a very thoughtful and generous client. Every
time Joan manages to get me back to rude health, I come up with something
new to challenge her. As I think I am nearing the end of the menopause and the acupuncture has
helped to alleviate many of the symptoms and my fibromyalgia has completely disappeared, I decide to go and get breast cancer.
Again, I can’t believe how supportive Joan was to me during this time as I found
the chemotherapy in particular really awful and quite scary. The fact that Joan
is a qualified nurse and worked for many years in the NHS in the UK meant that
she understood the whole medical process I was going through. She even visited
me at home for acupuncture sessions when the chemotherapy was really bad.
I am writing this in November 2013 and feel I have got most of my energy back
since my breast cancer treatment during 2010.I still see Joan regularly as I do have ongoing little things to keep on top of –
vertigo, arthritic knees, diverticulitis and, of course, general aches and pains from sitting in front of a computer all day. As I am now in my ‘60s, I have to accept that the arthritis is probably a ‘keeper’ but acupuncture does help with the pain
and I enjoy my visits with Joan and would recommend her skills as an experienced acupuncturist unreservedly.
Nancy (2016).

Following 3 devastating miscarriages I met with Joan after getting her
number from a friend. Joan was compassionate and understanding, while
being absolutely pragmatic and knowledgable. Each time I left a session
with her I was a bit calmer, a bit stronger and more confident. Within
months I fell pregnant with a strong, amazing baby girl!!
I had a wonderful pregnancy and labour. I look back on this time with huge
gratitude and optimism for any woman who is having difficulty conceiving or
sustaining a pregnancy. Janet (Nov 2013)

I started attending Joan in the summer of 2011 after two pregnancy losses.
I decided to try acupuncture to boost my fertility but it did so much more
than that. The treatments were invaluable to me. Joan helped me in so many
ways to boost my fertility and most importantly to overcome my fears and
help me to believe that I would have a baby when the time was right. I
became pregnant when receiving treatment and continued to attend Joan
throughout my pregnancy which I considered to be a vital part of my ante
natal care. I recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and honesty
believe that my treatments with Joan really helped to bring this about and
I cannot thank her enough. Joan is an excellent listener and I always feel
lighter physically and emotionally after my treatments with her. I could
not recommend her strongly enough.
Sinéad (2012)

I first received treatment from Joan over three years ago to help me deal
with pregnancy related issues. During the time since then I have had to
deal with some traumatic experiences in my life. The sessions with Joan
have been invaluable in helping me get my life back on track.
Most recently I was suffering from back pain as a side effect of
pregnancy. After just one session with Joan the results were remarkable, I
have not even felt a slight twinge of pain since
If you are in need of acupuncture treatments I cannot recommend Joan highly
Marie 2011

I had a total knee replacement and subsequently, as was to be expected, had considerable swelling of the knee joint and calf muscle. After a few sessions with Joan the swelling was greatly reduced and I have no doubt that the treatment was a huge factor in reducing the swelling, controlling my pain and speeding up my overall recovery.Joan is an extremely caring and competent practitioner and I have no reservation in actively encouraging anyone in the same position to seriously consider a course of treatments with her. David 2011

Joan has worked with me in the NHS and Private sector for 9 years. She is honest,reliable and a trustworthy member of the team. She is a very capable Acupuncturist. Dr E Ansell (2005).

Five years and I'am still with Joan.She is an excellent acupuncturist and a great psychologist, as well. Not alone do I feel well after a session but I come away as though I learned somthing. She has been a great friend too. She goes that extra yard to meet you without getting bogged down in trivia.I look forward to every session. Ian Douglas 2012.

Joan is an excellent clinician and a very intuitive practitioner. Her loyal client group is a testament to the quality of her work.J Oliver, Physiotherapist and Owner, Holistic Health, London (2005).

Joan established an Acupuncture clinic at Athena Medical Centre (an NHS Practice) from 1997 to 2002). Her management of clients was productive, professional and cost effective. She would be an asset to any team. Dr Okoreaffia (2003).

I have been a patient of Joan's since 1995.Acupuncture was very much the last resort for me as I had been suffering from severe long term depression and had failed to find more than temporary relief from other therapies. Whilst i felt good after my first acupuncture it is extremely relaxing it took a further six sessions for the effect to really kick in. I continue to have Acupuncture as I feel it keeps me grounded and is a great tonic when I am going through patches of feeling low or tired. This has constituted a major change in my life and it is an understatement to say that i am extremely pleased with the results. Julie (2000).

Since the start of the course of treatment, my shoulder pain and my chronic tennis elbow complaint have both shown remarkable improvement to the point where I feel that i almost cured. When the doctor first suggested Acupuncture, I knew very little about it and indeed i was somewhat apprehensive. But thanks to your kindness and gentleness, I was able to overcome my fears, and I am now all the better for it. Thanks again for all your help. B. Bhose (London 2000)

I would like to express in writing my sincere gratitude for the many wonderful,positive changes that you have effected in me with your Acupuncture treatment and also your personal inspiration which in part made me" Help myself"to help you with your treatment. I am so happy to have discovered you and your wonderful acupuncture treatment,you have truly given me a new lease of life for which I am very grateful. C. Galustian (1997).

The Acupuncture,Homeopathy and Stress Management clinic is located by the sea in Greystones within easy reach of Bray, Dublin and Wicklow by road and rail via the N11 motorway and the Dart.

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